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Hi, you can see my name at the bottom of the page, I’m just a concerned UK citizen, most of the time watching the antics of politicians, EU and UK, arguing about Brexit, whether to allow it, how to stop it how to keep the wealthy in charge of our country. I thought that we had had a referendum about this, but vested interests won’t accept the result. It’s happened before in the EU, Ireland had to have 3 referendums till it gave the politicians the result they wanted, other EU countries go through the same charade. Only the UK has said that we have had our referendum, this is the result, now get on with doing what the people asked.

People who voted for Brexit have been called racists, ignoramus and anything else the intellectual and rich elite care to call them.


Brexit gives the UK a golden opportunity to usher in a new society, one based on fairness, not greed. It will take many years to build a new, democratic, fairer UK, but it can be done.

However I think we have to accept that we need to change the way power is given to the rich, the Political class with their political families and the self appointed leaders of workers.

You should have your say, that’s what this blog is about, let the politicians know your views, none of them will ask you for them, so shout your views at them! 

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