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The latest version of Mission Praise contains approximately 1350 hymns. Some old and some new.

Most churches are fixated on using an organ and organist for accompaniment to hymns. However there is no reason why other methods cannot be used, in actual fact if you listen to Songs of Praise on Sunday evenings you will almost always hear a mixture of accompaniments, not just an organ.

I am a lover of organ music, but the music has to be played on a well maintained organ by a good organist. There are these combinations about, but they tend to be in affluent or important churches. This is because organ upkeep is expensive and the training of an organist takes many years. As time goes on this combination is becoming rarer and providing music in church is becoming more of a problem.

In some smaller churches it is not possible to have this combination of organist and organ and music can disappear from the church. 

There is no reason for this, modern technology allows us to record and play back hymns. Electronic hymnals, preloaded with music can be purchased, CDs can be purchased and played via a CD player, or copied onto a computer, tablet or smart phone. All of these alternatives require a sound system in the church, but nowadays most churches use sound systems for microphones and these can be adapted to play music.

This may appear to be a problem for churches, however we should view it as an opportunity. For too long most churches have been limited in the way they attract new members, alternative music should be seen as one way to become a more inclusive church. There are so many opportunities to include young people in churches, they understand modern technology, they play music they can offer a lifeline to churches, we just have to be willing to ask for help.

My site is a selection of hymns that I’ve edited and remixed from midi files, the real work in this music was done by the people who sequenced these files, my input is limited to making wav files available to play.

The site is being constructed as I mix hymns for our services but I hope to make more hymns available over the coming year, I may re-edit some as I get better at this.

Contact   hymns@bbott.eu